I’m so beautiful wth
After all you’ve done to me, I still dream of you, I still desire you and want you to want me. Even when I know I don’t mean a thing to you, after the lies, the cheating and the way you used me I still want you. Every second of every day. It’s all you and it’s been you since I first laid my eyes on you. I can’t forget even though we haven’t met in weeks. There’s something about you I can’t resist and I don’t want to resist. I know I should despise you for everything you’ve done, and I partially let you do; because no matter what sign you gave me I kept coming back. - I just can’t let go.

"Vanity" - Portrait Painting by Sam Spratt
Jocelyn, the female winner of my portrait contest, wanted to be Zombified and brought somewhere into the 1920’s-1950’s. I actually colored her originally with very pastel/flat tones to create something of a vintage illustrated advertisement—but found her appearance too classy/dark to be an advertisement—even ironically so. As a result, I went back into the black and white and started reworking my painting to be a bit more photographic in feel.
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